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Ovvio brings the focus back to humans from AI

Grand News Network | January 10, 2024

Ovvio launches an iOS app and updates its Android app and website, focusing on human-to-human interactions instead of AI. It operates across 115+ countries and has over 850,000 downloads so far.

Ovvio announced the launch of their iOS app, followed by fresh updates and features to their existing Android app and website. Ovvio 2.0 is a global platform that helps users solve everyday problems through instant conversations with real humans via chat, video, or audio. The refreshed app launches at a time when AI continues to spark debate but faces questions on its ability to replicate the creativity, emotion, and nuances of human language and behavior. Large Language Model driven interfaces for chat continue to improve; however, Ovvio believes that only humans can provide context and rationale to the questions we ask daily.

Ovvio brings the focus back to humans from AI

Ovvio has created an online space to foster human conversations that offer authentic experiences to help solve everyday problems, much like human interaction in the offline world. These conversations may be free or cost as much as a visit to your neighborhood cafe. Advice from real humans, based on individual experiences and unique perspectives, is something AI cannot mimic, which is why the Ovvio community embraces our capacity for creative and honest narratives. “Ovvio is not just a product. Ovvio is a movement to democratize knowledge sharing,” said co-founder Shaalin Tandon.

With over 850,000 app downloads within a year of launch, Ovvio is creating a buzz by offering an experience missing in today’s digital space. It’s free to sign up, and there are hundreds of human categories to help you find experienced individuals to connect with, from technology to fashion, sport, and even occult sciences. New features like Display Video, where users can add a 15-second video to their profile, allow for genuine connections, while Anonymous Mode adds a level of security. The platform also introduced a new payment mechanism with Stripe, enhancing the user experience.

Now available in 115+ countries, Ovvio continues to innovate and reimagine how humans can connect and help each other safely and honestly. “We believe Ovvio has the power to transform human behavior because we are asking for answers not from algorithms but from the most authentic source of human knowledge, humans themselves,” advocated co-founder Sachin Tandon. Ovvio is available for download from the App Store and Play Store, inviting users to be part of a community that values human insight and connection.

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